Through the Lady Crusader Basketball Camp, players will have an opportunity to work with Coach Jeffers to improve their athletic skills, sharpen their mental toughness in preparation for the game and learn how good sportsmanship can help them both on and off the court. Sessions will be held at the new Capital Center. Coach Jeffers’ camp stresses basketball fundamentals. It is designed to give full attention to each camper, assuring that each girl receives the individual attention necessary to become a better player.

      The Lady Crusader Basketball Camp presents each young woman with opportunities to grow as a player, regardless of her skill level, and to have fun with others who want to learn more about basketball. Coach Jeffers and her staff have built a reputation for their commitment to making the Lady Crusader Basketball Camp a rewarding experience for each participant. 

Capital Coach Dixie Jeffers Honored at Ohio Statehouse

Capital Coach Dixie Jeffers Honored at Ohio Statehouse

Dixie Jeffers

Head Women's Basketball Coach


Phone: (614) 236-6551